It was Wednesday this week when I baked biscuits (the lots of butter, flour, sugar, cocoa and vanilla essence type) and went dancing. And no, I am not a lady of leisure, and yes, I do have kids and work and ‘stuff’ on, so these moments were extra precious.

Both activities are favourites of mine and I felt really lifted, and dare I say happy (!), during and after the actually quite long moments. And there it was, the realisation I hadn’t been thinking about anything else but baking and dancing and was absorbed and in ‘my space’. Have you ever had that, felt that, done that? You know, you are so absorbed in what you are doing, concentrating, enjoying what may be a challenge and loving it?! It’s actually a ‘thing’, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian American Psychologist, noted this and named this psychological concept flow.

Flow is when you are fully immersed in something, when time passes super quickly without you realising it; you are concentrating on a challenging activity and having an awesomely rewarding experience. You may have described it as being ‘in the zone’! Feels pretty spec, and is actually quite productive too apparently. My flowiness was somewhat thrown off balance by my boy making his contribution half way through (baking that was) and there being more flour on the floor than in the bowl. However, pretty happy moment hanging with him too! Wishing you happiness finding your flow in the next few days!


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