Hi lovely ladies,

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life, run down, stressed, looking for calm, but can’t find it? You know you can be happier, but not sure where to start?

The Happy Way is a community of women who are taking steps to happiness, you’ve come to the right place! I’m so excited that the Worries to Flourish Workshop is here! This wonderful workshop is designed so you can take ownership of your thinking and time right now, feel calmer and start doing the things that you value in life. It is an easy, practical approach to putting joy back into your day, with lots of doing.

About me – in brief

I am Inge Kuindersma Doig, and I’m passionate about happiness! I have worked in the corporate and not-for profit worlds for 25+ years, in Marketing, Communications, Advertising and then, nearing 50 and nearing burnout, I regrouped. Was this all there was? Overwhelming, samey days, juggling work and family life and never spending enough focused time with those I love, a treadmill, one that was burning me out and leaving me wondering if the happy, positive, person I was in my 20s would ever be back?!

So, using one of my key strengths, love of learning, I read and researched, completed courses and gathered, like treasures, information, ideas and practices that helped (yes!) increase my personal happiness. And, along the way discovered the Secrets to Happiness, and practices that have been scientifically proven to improve wellbeing and happiness.

I love my life, my part-time job (which I now make sure is more part-time than full time), my boys and husband, and the time I now take to spend with friends, family, and on my own. I love creating and walking, and I am super passionate about sharing my passion with women who may find themselves  in the same place I was, knowing there is more to life, that happiness is possible!

The longer version

Not so long ago, I was thinking…

‘Surely there is more to life – surely I can be happier’, and

‘I used to be positive and excited about the world, and creative… when and where did I lose that?’

‘I wish I was calmer and not so stressed, not so easily annoyed by others’.

My hormones were also playing havoc (still do) and my moods varied between high and low or more low than high!

Yep, that was (and sometimes still is) me. So I went in search of how I could feel better, be happier, and found a lot of information, the coolest being that YES you can become happier, with effort, and that it has been scientifically proven so 😊

Two years ago it all got a bit much. I was in Marketing and Communications, in the corporate and not for profit worlds. Despite carefully having chosen to stay at home with my kids (lucky enough to have been able to make that choice) I promptly ended up running myself ragged as a Playcentre Mum for 6 years in the process, and then having ‘only’ a part-time job that was actually more full-time than part -time hasn’t helped over the last 5 years either. Nor is being a perfectionist.

I was nearing 50, and nearing burn out. But life gives and takes and I was lucky that it gave at that time I met some people who put life in perspective. I had a good cry and recognised stress and anxiety symptoms in myself , not helped by personally also being slap bang in the middle of peri-menopause that came hand in hand with headaches, hot flushes day and night, lack of sleep and those high and low moods!

Things had to change and fast, or not so fast as it turned out, a massive project followed at work and I soldiered on. The following year would be better, business as usual, hhhmm not so … COVID-19 happened, I soldiered on, busy at work, busy at home. Lockdown was actually a blessed relief for the first 4 weeks (lots of work but also got lots of ‘projects’ done… perfectionist me)  but family life was good, more relaxed, the weather was warm and not having to ‘get ready’, commute and make lunches, having all hands on deck in the form of husband and children and family time together was very special.

Despite already having completed a number of wellbeing courses and having learnt a number of wellbeing techniques, I hadn’t actually done anything to improve how I was feeling. Knowledge is useful, but so much more useful if you do something with it!

So I delved deeper and discovered more – the Secrets to Happiness (YEAH!!), and understanding how to make things stick (YEAH, effort!) and that a positive lens on life is harder than a negative one but sooo worth it. And yes I saw my lovely doctor… who confirmed that I was… slap bang in the middle of peri-menopause, SURPRISE! Learning is one of my happy places, I have enjoyed a number of wellbeing and mindfullnesscourses, am certified to coach Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques and have started working as a Goals Success Coach. I also enjoy a small burst of yoga daily, and love baking cookies and apple pie.

I am feeling great, but hey I am still human, and trying not to be a perfectionist, so, like every one, I have good days and average days and sometimes something really shitty happens, but I bounce back, all things do pass, and can honestly say that I am feeling happy. I have put in place those happiness practices that work for me, I measured my happiness too! I moved from an under 5 to a solid 8.5+ out of ten, depending on the day 😊 … feeling pretty pleased about that!

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Keen to start taking control now of your time, thinking and happiness. Join us in The Worries to Flourish Workshop now!