Your Overthinking Checklist & 
3 ways to stop now

“Is Overthinking undermining you? You are the creator of your own thoughts, and being aware of this allows you to take back control. This has both mental and physical wellbeing benefits.”

Inge Doig, Founder of The Happy Way

  • Do you want to live a calmer, more balanced life?
  • Do you want to sleep better?
  • Do you want to find joy and achieve the things that matter to you?

Congratulations for taking the first steps to addressing your overthinking or worrying! You can find your Overthinking Checklist and 3 tips here. You are also invited to check out The Happy Way's Worries to Flourish workshop and join a group of positive women who are taking control of their thoughts and time. Women who are working towards their goals in life, whilst supporting each other on their journeys. 

Inge x