When you have chosen to be happy, (see The First Secret to Happiness here), you are ready for the Second Secret to Happiness!

Secret number two is something you need to be aware of, to know before you continue on your personal happiness journey, because like anything happiness is not always easy. Life gets in the way!

Bad things happen, even to the best of us. We get overwhelmed with all the things we need to do, at home, at work, for family, for the kid’s soccer (ballet, rugby, cricket, tennis, basketball) team, for friends, for school. And sometimes sad things happen, big or small. Or annoying people happen, or someone wants to do something that is just plain wrong. And those things throw a tiny little spanner in the works, or a humungous one! They give you the perfect excuse to not to be happy anymore!

If you are anything like my 10-year-old self you might also expect, now that you have chosen to be a happy person, that happiness will just happen, right? Many an instrument was discarded in our household after enthusiastic starts. Why? Because I expected it to be easy. Pick it up, play it, beautiful sound. Yeah, right, not.

If you want to learn the piano, we all know it takes effort, and time and persistence. If you want to drive a car you need lessons. If you really want your diet to work you need to take some steps to set yourself up for success; clear your pantry of the bad stuff, get in the good stuff, plan your meals etc.

So, if you want to be happy and continue to be happy, you also need some skills. And you won’t get better at applying them unless you, yes you got it, Practice! So, drum roll please…

… The Second Secret to Happiness is Practice.

What am I supposed to practice then you may ask? The good news is there are many things you can do to feel happier. Research psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of California Sonja Lyumbomirsky found that 40% of our happiness is completely under our own control.

After the Third Secret to Happiness (watch this space), I’ll introduce you to some of the things you can do to increase your happiness, and stay happy, even amongst life’s up and downs 😊.

In the meantime, here is one of them…

… Feeling a little low? Walk to the letterbox (if it is outside), or even better walk around the block, three minutes is good, ten minutes is better, half an hour or more is superb! Why? Well, your body releases endorphins, feel good chemicals that naturally boost your mood, when you exercise. A tip, when you know a walk will do you good, start a countdown, from 30 to 0, and put on your walking shoes whilst doing it. It stops your brain from thinking up excuses why you shouldn’t go.

Happy walking!


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