The other day I said ‘No’. No to going to my work social. A fun get-together with a group of people I like. I said no, and only felt a little bit guilty, and a lot good. Not because I won’t miss being there, but because I feel a little lighter, and saying No once actually means saying Yes multiple times…


Yes, to not being busy. We wear our busyness like a badge of honour. It’s not, it’s more like a badge of ‘I’m running myself down and hang the consequences. That only works until the consequences catch up with you, and then you’ll have no choice but to stay home!


Yes, to my health. I was tired and chose an early night, with the bonus of a Saturday sleep in. Whoop!


Yes, to taking control. We all have the same amount of time in a day. Ever caught yourself thinking ‘If only I could find the time’. Well, time is not lost honey. We just need to prioritise how we want to use it. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to take control of your time, they won’t!


Yes, to feeling good. Making a decision, acting on it and feeling like you’ve done something for yourself fires up happy brain chemicals.


Yes, to being a nicer person. Less tired, not feeling rushed, time for doing something you like, equals a better mood and better relationships at home.


And surprisingly, yes to being social. Some down time is a good time to reflect on who you want to catch up with. Diary it in and plan out the things that will make that day too busy!


And like time, nothing is lost. Those who care about you will get it and those who don’t are probably not even thinking about you.


Still feeling guilty saying no. You are not the only one, it’s actually a real skill that comes more naturally for some than others. Still need an excuse? How about “No, unfortunately that doesn’t work for me.”


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